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Breathtakingly pretentious? Pepsi rebrand document

I hesitated about featuring this as I thought everyone had already seen it. However, apparently that’s still not the case and this is a must-read for anyone involved in marketing or brand strategy.

There’s a great PDF doing the rounds which purports to be the Arnell Group’s strategy doc for the much-derided new Pepsi logo.

You get a hint of what’s to come from the bombastic title: “Breathtaking Design Strategy”, with namechecks ranging from the Mona Lisa to the theory of relativity…

Half Naked Kangaroo Hero: Is Bonds on the PR offensive?

The Sydney Morning Herald cemented its reputation for hard-hitting reportage on Tuesday with the story of the ‘Ninja’ Kangaroo who was wrestled out of a Canberra home by a man in his undies.

What caught my attention was the final few lines of the piece, which manages to namecheck Bonds’ undies twice.

Given the backlash resulting from its parent company’s decision to cut nearly 2,000 Australian jobs and move manufacturing offshore, this publicity couldn’t have come at a better time for Bonds…

The first twitcom? Peep Show goes web 2.0

Anyone familiar with the innovative Channel 4 comedy Peep Show will know that stream of consciousness is key to the show’s format. It’s perhaps fitting then that Peep Show recently launched on Twitter, home of short-form verbal diarrhoea.

Twitter members can follow, and most interestingly, interact with the comedy’s eight central characters, in what the show’s producers describe as “an experiment in interactive comedy and fiction.”

IKEA: why inspiring creativity is more important than ever

If you were to believe the hype, you would think we were all so busy fretting about the global economic apocalypse that we wouldn’t have time for frivolous things like redecorating.

The economic downturn may have supressed our willingness to spend with such abandon, but it hasn’t completely erased our creative aspirations. It might be easy for brands to use the economic downturn as an excuse to get lazy and focus purely on cost, however, they do so at their peril.

One brand that recognises this better than most is IKEA…