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The first twitcom? Peep Show goes web 2.0

Thanks to Big C for pointing me in the direction of this one.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from my post about using social media to help Victorian bushfire victims, here’s an example of Twitter being used for purely frivolous, but equally valiant purposes.

Anyone familiar with the innovative Channel 4 comedy Peep Show will know that stream of consciousness is key to the show’s format. It’s perhaps fitting then that Peep Show recently launched on Twitter, home of short-form verbal diarrhoea.

Twitter members can follow, and most interestingly, interact with the comedy’s eight central characters, in what the show’s producers describe as “an experiment in interactive comedy and fiction.”

While it might sound like an opportunistic attempt to jump on the Twitter bandwaggon, Peep Show’s passion for the mundane makes it a perfect fit with Twitter. Indeed, if they weren’t so funny, it’d be easy to forget that these aren’t just the musings of random tweeters.

Until recently, hecklers at stand-up gigs were probably the closest we’ve got to the audience becoming part of the creative process. The experiment has been running for several weeks now, and while most people may just sign-up to posts between the official Peep Show characters, the high level of audience engagement means there is also some pretty funny interaction with random contributors.

While the jury’s out on whether Channel 4 should crowdsource the next series, it certainly beats Kevin Rudd’s Twitter feed.

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