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Navigate / search – bringing together your content from across the web

UPDATE 18/12/09: Get your free invite code here:
Just go to and enter invite code ‘nextlevelideas’ to try it out for yourself.

In the spirit of seamless segues, I’m kicking off the new blog design by mentioning a forthcoming social media enterprise that is also all about the content –

Currently in beta, is a surprisingly simple way to create a homepage bringing together all the stuff you’ve created on blogs and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

The page of co-founder David Marcus
The page of co-founder David Marcus

Other than the Americanised spelling, what stands out about is its Apple-inspired design philosophy. The antithesis of MySpace, its strict but stylish templates ensure a consistent look and feel and keep the emphasis firmly on showcasing content from elsewhere. While sites like FriendFeed have covered similar ground, flavors has a greater emphasis on creating a personal web presence than simply aggregating feeds.

Does anyone really need yet another social media presence? Maybe not. But if you’re looking to create a simple homepage or microsite that easily integrates Twitter, Flickr etc, is worth checking out.

See what flavors dragged up on me.

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Jack Zerby

Ben, fantastic article! You perfectly described the thinking behind every pixel of Flavors. We aim to resurrect the personal webpage using content you already have online. I knew when I first saw the popularity of Myspace that people wanted to have a unique home on the web. They soon gave that up for the functionality of Facebook. We aim to bridge the two and help people create something unique AND functional.

Thanks again!

Designer of

Ben de Castella

Thanks Jack. I’d seen periodic tweets from Rob Morris about some mystical thing called flavors so was keen to check it out.

Two questions:
- Do you plan to enable people to add content from within flavors or is it all about bringing together other content sources?
- Will there be any networking functionality to build a community around the pages?

Not sure whether these additions would be beneficial or actually take away from what makes flavors simple and unique – be interesting to get your perspective.

Jonathan Marcus

For anyone that would like to try the beta, please use the following invite code: nextlevelideas

1. We may incorporate a third-party posting engine like using their API and our interface soon
2. We don’t have any plans for overt networking functionality (like friends/followers), but we are actively evolving the Directory: into something white-pages like that will help with browse, discovery and perhaps even community.

Ben de Castella

Thanks Jonathan – will be interested to see how it evolves.

Get your free invite above!